TEDxYouth@TheNile – Mohamed Sabry “The Network Marketing Industry”

Mohamed Sabry is an ambitious entrepreneur in the network marketing industry attempting to balance his school and job, and take a look at him here as he addresses the discretion and the misunderstood nature of this amazing industry and clarifies numerous aspects of concern to the audience.

Basic Tips in Network Marketing Business (Chinkee Tan)

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Chinkee Tan

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Vale Realmente La Pena el Network Marketing (MLM)?

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Time To Rip The Band-Aid Off

Did you know that you don’t have to be perfect to get started?

Getting in the habit of taking action is sooo much more important than worrying about…

– Whether you’re saying the right thing.

– Knowing how to overcome XYZ objection.

– What to say if a prospect asks this or that.

All of those things you’ll want to be able to answer over time, but you won’t be able to start out being skilled at your networking business.

(Not unless you’ve had the same experience and skills from other parts of your life).

Just get moving.

Action kicks meditations ass.

So get out there.

Screw up.

Stumble over your words.

It’s not gonna be comfortable.

Sometimes it might not be fun.


If you truly desire the lifestyle that network marketing will afford you…

Then you have to go through the process.

And the sooner you rip off the bandaid and commit to the process, the closer you’ll be to getting results.

While I’m all for embracing the process, there’s certain things you can do to make that path much, much easier.

And they are as follows:

– Have a system that sends you prequalified, business minded prospects.

– Have a way to make $$ off of those prospects (even if they DON’T join your business)

– Be able to get the genuinely interested prospects to raise their hands and pick up the phone and CALL YOU asking to join your business.

Do you have a system in place that does these things for you?

If not, then you need to go grab a copy of the MLM Business Blueprint now, by going here:


Once you get this system setup, you’ll eliminate A LOT of the things that you don’t like dealing with right now.

Tire kicking prospects.

Friends and family that have gone into witness protection.

Fake follow ups – you know these folks, the ones who are saying ‘yes, yes, yes, yes, I’m interested’, but are really just telling you what you want to hear.

You deal with any fake follow ups?

I know I used to deal with a lot of them until I got the Blueprint (http://globalleadershipmaximum.com/go/step-by-step-blueprint?chan=bandaid) and got my system in place.

Are you gonna get started today?

Are you gonna take the actions you know you need to (but have been avoiding)?

That’s up to you.

I believe in you, but can’t MAKE you do anything.

You have to take the first step.

Amanda Wilkes


There is noargument whether money is

Author: royalesecrets

There is noargument whether money is the most important aspect of life. It isn’t.

Maybe for some, it is, but for the rest of us, it’s usually family, or friends. Money doesn’t give us happiness—at least not directly. But haven’t it occurred to you that sometimes in order to make happiness possible we somehow need money? I guess the best way to put it, then, is that money is a common “accessory” to happiness.

I’d like you to be honest with me. Wouldn’t you or your loved ones be happier if your live more comfortable lives? Wouldn’t it make them happy for you to be able to have provided them their needs, and if you wanted, even their luxuries? Wouldn’t it make you, yourself,happy?

Let me share with you my own experience which happened in the past week.

My sister Ana, who like me is also a Royalista (a Royalè independent distributor), flew back here in the Philippines from her home in Akita, Japan. Although on her own she earns an ample salary, she chose to partner with me in Royalè, along with my sister Cherrie (leftmost in the picture) and my mom (right next to me, to the left). She arrived here almost following the same process that happens every time she comes home: We visit old friends and relatives whom we haven’t seen in a while; went shopping for some bit; and ate out some more.

When she needed extra money pulled out, I told her that since I signed her up in Royalè’s system and that I have been working on her organization, some money have actually been rolling in. So we encashed some of her earnings through Royalè’s handy mobile app (available on Android and iOS ), and released it a few days after.

How Important Should You Look at Money?

My sister Ana’s first two checks in Royalè.

Here are her checks that we withdrew.

We used most of it in doing, well, more shopping, and committed ourselves to an impromptu trip to Laguna. Everything that our money bought are all material things, true, but at the end of the day, we were happy, because we were all together and does not think of any financial stress. Because we had money.

Check out some of the photos from our trip:

This is just a classic example of how money becomes an accessory in achieving happiness. It’s not the material things that make us happy. For instance, having a smartphone does not make us happy; we are happy because we have something to connect to our friends and family with. We are not happy because we have brand-new clothes; we are happy because we look good in them when we meet other people.

It’s time we switch our thinking towards money.

It is not the most important aspect in life, and we should not devote ourselves to it. But whether we like it or not, it is going to be a necessity in life. We need it for food, clothing, shelter—all our needs and, if we really wanted to, even our luxuries.

Look at money as something that you mean to acquire in order to make people happy; to make you happy. It will help us reach our dreams, get together with family, help other people in need. That’s a fact and we cannot ignore it. We need money to make ourselves and others happy.

I hope you absorbed something valuable in this Royalè tip. Have a great week, everyone!


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Royalè Tip: How “Important” Should You Look at Money?

There is no argument whether money is the most important aspect of life. It isn’t. Maybe for some, …

Author: royalesecrets

Multilevel Marketing is still alive

Oh no! I was hooked at the fishing bait of a Multilevel Marketing. It is not the first time someone tries to involve me, and for all I care, I have nothing against such business models. But this one encounter was quite peculiar. Hence I decided to write about it.

It all started during the past week when I have received a couple of phone calls from India. A gentleman, claiming to be working for a gigantic group in the process of making massive investments in Oman, wanted to arrange a meeting to discuss an opportunity. I am no fool and I have learned that money do not grow on trees. But the gentleman was very insisting, calling me twice more and sending me countless messages on WhatsApp.

So the other day, I gave in. I was enjoying the weekend attending a travel exhibition organised by a popular agency in Muscat. It was held in a prestigious hotel. It employed many attractions, including a magician as well as impersonation of Mickey Mouse and Spiderman. The perfect distraction for a neither hot nor cold weekend in Muscat. My phone rang again and I decided to listen to what the caller had to say. The gentleman told me that a “big-shot” from his company, named Mr. Singh, would have visited Muscat in the next few days. My curiosity grew and I decided to go for a coffee with this mysterious businessman.

The meeting day came. It was arranged in one of the many coffee shops located in Al Adheiba. I found it a bit strange to host such meeting in a coffee shop. Most of the times “big-shots” travelling from overseas, arrange meetings at the lobby of their hotel. I should have guessed right away that something was not right, but I decided to ignore the obvious hint.

Another call from India came 2 hours before our meeting. It was a nice lady confirming my appointment with Mr. Singh that afternoon. If the previous hint should have put me off, this courtesy call brought me right back on track. It appeared very professional and well organised.

However, one hour before our meeting, a Whatsapp message informed me that Mr. Singh’s schedule was too busy to meet me, therefore I would have met Mr. R. instead (let us call him that way for the sake of illustration). According to the message, Mr. R. was another big-shot working at the new Oman Airport project. Good karma. I have been trying to do business with the airport for a while. But I should not have put my hope so high.

In fact 30 minutes before the meeting, another message came in. This time telling me that even Mr. R. was too busy and I would have ultimately met Mr. B. I was given his number. On a normal day I would have cancelled the meeting and pretended nothing happened, but since I had already spared the time for it, I carried on as per schedule.

I reached the venue sharp one time and parked my car outside the coffee shop. From my parking spot I could see inside through the glass. Strangely enough, it was empty. If this Mr. B. was a “big-shot”, he certainly did not stand out as one. My eyes fell on a small group of people standing outside the coffee shop, chatting and eating. I called the number given to me and one of those standing there picked up my call. I got out of my car, proceeded to meet him and introduced myself.

We went into the coffee shop and sat down. Mr. B. introduced himself too. He has been living in Muscat with his family for 5 years. He told me that he is an employee in one of the companies owned by the same organiser of the travel fair I attended during the weekend. Knowing how large is the group, I thought we would have talked about one of the businesses carried out by them. Unfortunately the conversation went to another direction.

Mr. B. told me that his dream was to be a millionaire within the next 5 years and he would have achieved such goal by working part time for a company based in Hong Kong. He went too fast and I could not memorise the name of the company, but I caught a few other details. For instance he explained that the company was founded in 1998 and belonged to a Malaysian businessman. He told me that the core business is e-commerce, but he also pointed out that the income is generated by selling items such as jewellery and services such as holidays. Specifically he brought the example of a vacation package in Malaysia: one week for 1400 MYR. Wow! That is totally underpriced. He mentioned that the company exceeds 2 billion USD in annual revenues. If true, it is indeed impressive. But how can they make money if they sell holidays for peanuts?

When Mr. B. explained that in order to be part of the deal I was supposed to be “coachable”, then a bell rang in my head. He further mentioned that he – before me – was coached by a 22 years old boy. My attention-meter reached the end. I realised at that point that we were not going to discuss any deal between his firm and the group that I proudly work for in Oman. Mr. B. was rather offering me a part-time job in multilevel marketing.

He volunteered the information that after 5 years he would have earned 1 million USD every year. I asked how long in the journey was he so far. He replied 6 months. I poked him by asking if he already had earned half a million dollars. He suddenly became snappy. I tried my luck asking him how much he really made in the past six months. Down came his mask. First he asked me what did it matter. I reasoned that it was important in order to gauge the opportunity. He finally admitted that some months he earned nothing while some other months he gained just a little bit. Honestly, not my cup of tea.

I thanked him for his time and left a little dissatisfied for having fallen into his “trap”. All I can say is to wish Mr. B., Mr. R. and Mr. Singh a happy early-multimillionaire retirement.