¿Que es el Multinivel? – MLM; Network Marketing

Un negocio multinivel (también conocido como negocio de marketing multinivel o de network marketing) es un modelo de negocio basado en una red de vendedores o distribuidores independientes, en donde una persona (vendedor o distribuidor independiente) obtiene ingresos a través de:

• la comercialización de los productos que le abastezca la empresa propietaria del negocio.
• un porcentaje de las ventas que realicen los participantes que haya reclutado.
• un porcentaje de las ventas que realicen los participantes que los anteriores, a su vez, hayan reclutado.

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Slice and Dice Your Downline To Build A Huge Business

Chatted with a very passionate prospect the other day.

(She finally SHUTUP after 5 minutes of trying to pitch me on her ground floor, triple duple diple diamond, get rich yesterday deal, bless her heart 🙂

She was telling me about how she doesn’t understand why her downline wasn’t producing and helping her build her business.

So I asked her…

How many people in your downline (of 15 people) are actually doing ANYTHING?

She replied that 3 people were actively building businesses.

3 out of 15, might seem like, OUCH, to you, but those are the numbers.

You heard of the 80/20 rule?

80% of your results are gonna come from 20% off your efforts.

Look at my prospect’s downline.

3 out of 15 were doing anything.

That’s 20%.

So if those are the folks actively building the business, shouldn’t she spend 80% of her time working with those 3 folks?

I say ‘yes’.

She said, yea, but a couple of the other people ‘say’ they’re gonna do something soon.  (you got any of those folks?  they sign up, are all fired up, tell you about all the things they’re gonna do, then disappear?)

I told her, well that’s fine.

As soon as those folks SHOW YOU they’re going to work, then worry about them.

My bet….they never do anything.

So how about you and your downline?

Does the 80/20 rule stand true with them?

Are you worried about the folks who aren’t doing anything?

If you are, it’s time to slice and dice them and work with the 20% who are going to help you build your business.

Speaking of building your business.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the MLM Business Blueprint (http://globalleadershipmaximum.com/go/step-by-step-blueprint?chan=sliceanddicetumblr) yet…

Then what are you waiting on?

It’s not gonna magically show up at your door, ready, willing and able to:

– Build a massive business that adds 5, 10, even up to 20 new reps per week.

– Help you build a bigger team, in record time, so that you can walk across stage at your next company event and get the recognition and those ridicuslously oversized checks you want (And deserve).


That won’t happen unless you take the first step, and go here:


It’s not gonna break the bank, but will break your business WIDE OPEN.

Sound good?


See you there,
Amanda Wilkes


You Ever Had A Garden?

I’ve only had little ones, but let me tell you something…

If you don’t tend to them everyday, guess what happens?

Your plants wilt up and die.


They need water, sun, fertilizer, weeding, and protection from pests.

You skip checking any of those things and you got some ratty looking stuff.

But, if you take care of it like you should, you end up with some awesome, homegrown, natural bounties.

I can almost taste it, ha…

You know what?

Growing a garden is identical to growing a network marketing business.

It requires daily actions, like:

– Adding new, interested prospects…

– Following up with those prospects and your existing “list”…

– Helping your team members build and grow their teams…

– Making sure your mind is right and ready for the daily grind of building a networking business…

Skip ANY of those and you may not notice it at first.

But, do it for a few days or even weeks at a time and you’ll notice your business wilting to a halt.

However, if you do those things consistently, over time, you’re gonna start seeing the ‘fruits of your labor’…

In the form of those ridiculously oversized commission checks, teams of 100s (And 1,000s), Freedom, and much, much more.

Every time you stop, or neglect your business, you stunt it’s growth even more and push yourself even further out from getting that success you want (and deserve).

Can you still “make it” if you do neglect your business a little?


No one is perfect.

Life is gonna happen.

No two ways about it.

Kids, family, your job, stuff’s gonna come up.

Just realize that.

Make the commitment to yourself that when that “stuff” happens, you quickly recognize and make it a priority to get back into your groove.

Believe me your garden (and your business) will thank you hundreds of thousands of times over.

Talk soon,
“Farmer” Amanda

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How To Walk A Goldfish…

Sounds pretty difficult doesn’t it?

That’s because it isn’t possible.

But I was talking to a prospect the other day and I asked him what his challenges were…

He responded by telling me how confused he was. He wasn’t sure where he should start, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed and didn’t even know how to approach a new lead.

And he said he felt like he was “trying to walk a goldfish”.

I found it amusing (and we both laughed) because it’s true. I meet so many cool and interesting people on a daily basis but most of them are lost and totally clueless on what they should be doing to grow their business.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

You continue to struggle finding any “good leads” for your business, but your upline keeps telling you “don’t quit, it’s a numbers” game. (definition of insanity, keep doing the same thing expecting a different result)

Or your still unsure of “what to say or how to say it” when you’re approaching a new prospect (I struggled with this too when I first got started)

You’re struggling to find “time” to get going (treat it like a hobby and it’ll pay you like a hobby, very little)

You’re scared of rejection and fear real success (It’s ok, I was nervous as heck when I first got started, I had no idea what I was doing)

If you answered yes to any of those maybe you’re still trying to “walk a goldfish” because it doesn’t work!

But here’s the thing….it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

You’ve been lied to, had the wrong mentorship, tried the things you thought were “right” because it’s what you were told to do and it just didn’t work for you.

Trust me, it’s tough to build a business if you don’t have the right tools, mindset, or support behind you.

On the flip-side…

When you have a process in place that empowers you to do the right things, take the right steps, give you the proper direction so you never have a single doubt about what you should be doing or how to grow your business…

You’ll finally get your business (and your life) accelerating the right way and all of those struggles disappear seemingly overnight.

It’s exactly why I recommend the Fast Start Business Blueprint.

​It’s quite simply the only tried, tested and proven system I’ve seen work for me and my business (and I’ve tried them ALL!). I haven’t seen anything else even come CLOSE to getting the results the Business Blueprint has gotten for me and know it can for you too but you have to take the first step.

So take a chance, give it a shot and do something great for yourself and your business for a change. You deserve it!

Go ahead and click the link below, watch the video training right now so you can understand what we’re all about and lets get started…


I look forward to helping you make it happen together!

See you on the inside,
Amanda Wilkes


DSD Intro To The Business

To learn more schedule an appointment to speak with a recruiter: http://www.empoweringthemasses.com/

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New MLM business for 2010

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What I understand:
I understand that in direct sales that the distributer is THE COMPANY.
I understand that the corporate office is YOUR corporate home office.
I understand that the business platform needs to do everything it can to empower the field and operate with a high degree of transparency and respect.
I understand that when I am committed to something, I need to make sure that my commitments are managed by me which means I must manage and own my commitments, my destiny, my vision for the future and the commitment I am making to that vision.