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How to Get MLM Help with Personal Growth for Network Marketing Success – and “What Does Freedom Mean to You?” Song

What Does Freedom Mean to You? (lyrics)

What does freedom mean to you?
What things different would you do?
Recreate your life anew?
Whats freedom mean to you?

What does freedom mean to me?
Id travel extensively
Exotic places for to see
Swhat freedom means to me.
You can march to your own rhythm
You can create your own song
Hang with like-minded people
And know that you belong.

I think freedom is a choice.
I must give it my own voice
The secrets I believe I can
I learned that with someones helping hand.
Whats your freedom, do you dare
Strive to live a life so rare;
When most just settle for whats there
Do you have time to spare?

What would make your life so free
To wake up only when you please
To be just what you want to be
And every day you seize?

If this life has just one pass
Ill make it with a quite full glass
Freedom makes my life worth while;
I feel each day with a smile.

Who will grow along with me,
Acquire the skills to make you free.
Desire and skills, they are the key –
And step-by-step and hand-in-hand and dream by dream we will be free.

What does freedom mean to you?

Wendy Weber
Copyright November 14, 2008, All rights reserved

Freedom in our life is all well and good, but to achieve it we need to have personal growth. For help with getting rid of the “baggage”, unresolved issues in your life holding you back, get in touch with me to tune into the free live personal growth calls each week sponsored by Mentoring for Free. What have you got to lose?

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Multi-Level Marketing

Author: theotherelise

This is probably mostly a function of my age because I’m friends with a lot of women who are settling down and having babies right now. But it sure feels like there has been a big resurgence of MLM or network marketing pitches lately. The women who had my job before me left to travel across the country with her husband all the while earning “residual income” through “Wake Up Now” (she was in her 40s, so she doesn’t fit the mold described from here on out). In the past few months I’ve been invited to multiple parties each for Mary Kay, Tastefully Simply, Jamberry Nails, and ItWorks! body wraps. In almost every case, it is a young, 20-something female friend or relative who is talking enthusiastically about how this could help her go part time and spend more time with her little one(s). 

And it’s all over facebook. Two of the ladies in particular are close friends at my small church. And they each had their first baby in the fall. So far they have kept the pushiness only on facebook, but I did feel trapped into attending a Tastefully Simple party after I ran into one on my lunch break and mentioned that my weekend plans had been cancelled because of an impending snow storm. But if they bring it up at church at all, I’ve decided I’m going straight to the pastor to explain my concerns. The ItWorks! MLM looks particularly dangerous and scammy.

I don’t like the way network marketing turns your friends into prospective customers, I don’t like that these women are being led to believe that they will make oodles of money as an “independent business owner,” and I don’t like being invited in to speculate on my friends’ financial decisions. I am barraged with facebook posts and invites saying “Get your orders in now, I’m $200 short of my goal this month! I’m really hoping that this will help me to be able to stay at home with (daughter) and I need your support.” But I see what you spend money on and why would I subsidize you when you’ve got a timeshare or go on vacation all the time or pay tons for crossfit classes.

These are women with degrees and good jobs (and husbands with good jobs) and they just want me to subsidize their lives when they could make different choices and be fine. My brother made like $40k a year with a family of four and my sister-in-law was able to stay home with the kids because they bought a modest house they could afford and drove their cars until they died and didn’t go on vacation. I’m a pretty hard-core liberal and I think I’ve got a lot of compassion for people who can’t make ends meet. These are not those people. These are people who decided to have kids and buy homes and cars and now they are fishing for people to be consultants on their team and purchase their products that are the Best Ever. Meanwhile my fiance and I are planning on renting and paying off student loans and trying to be financially responsible because we are lucky enough to have the means and knowledge to do things the right way. 

Sorry for the long rant. I was itching to write something snarky and probably mean-spirited on facebook about MLMs. And 140 characters was clearly not enough. Ugh.

Author: theotherelise

New Post has been published on What Is ACN

Author: what-is-acn

New Post has been published on

When is a Pyramid Scheme NOT a Pyramid Scheme

Debunking the Pyramid MLM Theory.

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The fact is that you don’t have to chase ACN prospects, bug your family and friends, post fliers, hold hotel meetings, and spend way more money than you make.

There’s a way for you to actually get paid to generate endless amounts of ACN leads and actually have those leads ask you to join your ACN business.

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Author: what-is-acn

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Author: nawnotme2

New Post has been published on

Becoming Self-Employed through Network Marketing

Becoming Self-Employed through Network Marketing

There are significant reasons why many individuals believe that self-employment is the ideal dream, where they can leave their 9-to-5 job, and their boss. Others simply want to have the afforded time and freedom necessary to spend their time with loved ones. One of the key components for considering a job as a self-employment opportunity is to alleviate ongoing stress. Stress can be a key factor in deciding to leave your day job.

Whatever the reasons you find for leaving your work, and becoming self-employed, it is likely the best solution for you. There are many avenues you can take to work at home, or find a job where you are self-employed. It just takes a certain amount of time and significant effort to determine exactly what your true passion is, and how you can turn that passion into an ongoing successful and profitable business.

As a Freelancer

Many individuals choose to take on freelance work, as a simple solution for making the transition from a full-time job to becoming self-employed. This opportunity is usually successful in that individuals simply do the same things on their own, as a freelancer, by using their same skill sets that they did in their 9-to-5 job. Working as a freelancer in spare time is a great way to see if you can leave your full-time job, and start working on your own.

Freelancing is usually a great opportunity as an at-home business, and an effective tool for working for yourself. However, there are significant risks involved such as learning how to obtain enough customers or clients to make the time and effort worthwhile. There is always the risk of not understanding if you will be receiving the next check, or where the next job might be coming from.

In addition, you need to recognize that working as a freelancer, you’re likely avoiding the opportunity of maintaining health insurance which might be enough to stop you from leaving your job.

Network Marketing

Some individuals choose network marketing is the best opportunity for working at home. Network marketing is offered in a variety of opportunities including multilevel marketing, where you will likely become a member of the sales team, and work together in unison to sell products or services. Many individuals that are involved in network marketing are bringing in an annual six-figure income every year. However, this is not an easy occupation.

Locating the Best Marketing Company

One of the key components to becoming highly successful in self-employment is to find the ideal network marketing company. To do this requires a certain amount of research, to find the right products and sales that are ideal for you.

It is important to recognize that to be successful in network marketing requires dedication and hard work, just like being successful in any other business. However, there are significant benefits and advantages that far surpassed most other types of opportunities. One of these is that you get to work on your own, and promote the services or goods that you truly believe in. Survey Reviews

Author: nawnotme2

Bottom Line on MLM Binary Compensation Plans founding editor speaks out with Jeff Olson on the inherent unfairness of binary compensation plans used by many network marketing, MLM companies.

MLM Legal Alert: Just Been Paid Not Legal In North America Maybe Worldwide
Just Been Paid admits no North American office, plus the pending investigation in Italy causes huge concerns that regulators worldwide could classify Just Been Paid and Big Booster the parent company an Internet Ponzi Scheme.

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