5 Social Media Marketing Don’ts & A Few “Insteads”


Oh man! We all see those businesses that just do it all wrong. Or maybe you have a friend who is trying to promote some type of product or service and they paste ‘salesy’ links constantly on their Facebook profile *cringe, huff, eyeroll*

But the truth of the matter is this – we don’t know what we don’t know. So we can’t (always) blame them. For many online marketers, most likely they were taught incorrectly (I see this more often than not with new network marketers) and sometimes, companies get so caught up in the stress of trying to drives sales, that they lose themselves in the details and end up coming off pushy, self-centered and unlikeable by desperately promoting themselves too darn much, all over the net. 

Who says ‘net’ anymore right?  My grandpa, that’s who.

Anyway, we have to remember that people don’t care about xyz company’s needs, changes, launch. Not as much, at least, as they care about themselves – their needs, wants, goals, dreams, likes, dislikes etc…

With that in mind, here are 5 absolute no-no’s, a.k.a ‘fails’ for social media marketing:

1. Pasting your links all over the place. Amateur. Instead, plan out their distribution and place them strategically alongside great content. A good rule of thumb is – only promote your business 10-20% of the time. 

2. Going straight to ‘the pitch’ when talking to new people online. Ick. Instead, if you are private messaging someone on Facebook, or tweeting with someone on Twitter, start with a friendly hello, a compliment and look to start a discussion centered around a non-business commonality.

3. Gettin’ lazy. Zzz. Instead of feeling overwhelmed to keep up with all the ‘in real time’ social media channels, get set up with tool that allows you to pre-set your content to be dispersed over time. On Facebook, you can pre-set your posts right on your business page (see this video http://bit.ly/1rVclod to learn how). As for Twitter, one of my absolute favorite tools to use for pre-scheduling my content is Buffer (see how you can use Buffer for business here http://bit.ly/1BEAAYR). It is, by far, the most simplistic tool I have ever used for Twitter, not to mention the ‘suggestions’ tab is pure gold. And hey, instead of creating content on the fly, sit down, take an hour or so and come up with a handful of great posts to use throughout the week. It’ll better serve you for sure. 

4. Forever ‘wingin’ it. Instead of never having a plan, goal or clear strategy online – get focused. Sure, you might start out and not know precisely what you are doing but, keep learning and continue to implement better strategies as you go. Wait, do you know who your ‘perfect customer’ is….?

Let’s all commit to better and more interesting marketing strategies, shall we? 

And hey, if you are struggling with social media – maybe something isn’t quite working… Reach out to me on Twitter using hashtag #askpapi and ask me any question you have about social media. I’ll be sure to get back to you and help get you on a more rockin’ path 😉 


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