Why I Chose Network Marketing

The following information is true for the company that I’m involved with and many not necessarily be true for other companies.

Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Direct Sales all generally mean the same thing. You’ll also hear the words, Pyramid and Ponzi scheme, which is how people uneducated about the topic refer to it. If you really think about it though, traditional jobs are a pyramid scheme (a slower moving one at that). There are all the employees at the bottom, then people above them, supervisors or department managers. Then above department managers, depending how small or large the company, there are store managers, district/regional managers, vice presidents and the big CEO or owner on the top. THAT is a pyramid scheme.

With network marketing, you earn money from those join the company after you, you get paid by referring products that you love to the people you love. The structure is the same for both so why not be part of something that you advance at your own pace? You don’t earn money from new employees in a traditional job or referring products at Costco do you?

Rank Advancement

In a conventional job, you ask or apply for a raise or a promotion; someone above you evaluates your performance and track record. If they decide that you’ve done a swell job, then you’ll receive your raise or promotion. Generally when you get a raise or promotion you usually have to wait it out and prove that you’re capable in that position before moving higher into a new position. With network marketing you are able to move at the pace you want to. You set the bar of achievement; you take yourself where you want to be (with the encouragement of your team) you advance when you want to.

You Don’t Hear About the Products Too Often

There are some companies where it’s a much better sales opportunity for them to use direct sales, or network marketing. Companies like mine would benefit the most from customers using the product and immediately getting excited about it and being able to share with their friends. You don’t always want a big company telling you how good their products are; sometimes you just need to see it working for someone else. With traditional sales, you see advertising everywhere. You’ll see it on TV, interrupting your shows, in magazines, on buses, posters, everywhere. With direct sales they leave it to the product users to show and tell people how great the product really is.

Support Your Family and Friends

If your family and friends decide to join you on your network marketing journey, you’ll get even more support closer to home. You’ll be able to see and help your family and friends grow alongside you as you motivate each other to the top. Who cares about being successful and rich if you can’t enjoy it with the ones you love? Even if they don’t decide to join you on your journey, you will have more time and money freedom to be able to spend it with them.

You Get Ongoing Motivation and Training

You’ll always have someone there to root for you, someone that you can listen to that can help you grow. The people that introduce you to the company are rooting for your success because if you’re successful, they are too. Know that when you enroll you’re joining a team and everyone in that team is there to help you. You don’t look at them as competitors but as allies, they assist you in your journey as a network marketer. In my company we have large university training events at a reasonable price. It costs a fraction of the price to train in a network marketing career than it does in many other careers.

Earn While You Learn

You can earn new income while you’re learning how to do the business and learning new techniques. With traditional jobs you’d have to split work and education and end up overworked. Even after you finish school, you have to hunt for a job that suits your qualifications, and the salary you expect, then you have to work on paying off your student loans.

Your Own Schedule

There are people in network marketing earn money while on vacation! It’s as simple as just sharing your story with people you meet. There are people out there just like you who are looking for a better way. People who would love to take more vacations, spend more time with their family and friends. People need more time to spend doing the things that they love to do. Need to take a week off? Well in a traditional job that would involve applying for time off or accumulating enough days. With network marketing, you’re your own boss and can take time whenever you need. You don’t have to feel bad if there’s an emergency, you don’t have to use sick days or personal health days, you just go!

It’s Proven Successful, Time and Time Again

There are many network marketing companies out here; my company in particular has over 124 millionaires. Every 10 years, 100,000 new network marketing millionaires are made in the US alone. That is about 10,000 new network marketing millionaires every year! The network marketing community is growing and with the economy the way it is, jobs becoming scarce, companies are becoming downsized and technology is claiming many positions. While this is happening to other company models, the network marking industry thrives. Every day it becomes more and more clear that network marketing is the business of today and the future.


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