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Branding yourself will help you succeed in any niche or business. It’s important to remember that people will only do business with those they know, like and trust. They don’t really care about what you are promoting or offering, they want to know how you can help them. Branding yourself will help you accomplish this.

Let’s Define “Branding Yourself”

Branding yourself is the entire process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product, whether its a good or service, in the consumers mind through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customer.

Significance of Branding Yourself

You want to brand yourself as a leader and be looked upon as someone who can provide something unique to your customers and prospects. The key is to offer value. Giving more value leads to more people listening to what you have to say. They will also start following you to gain more value from you. Set yourself apart from the other sponsors, teams and companies. You are different and unique, so let it show.

Brand yourself as a leader, trainer, networker and team builder. When you brand yourself and not your company, you separate yourself from whatever organization you work with. This gives you the ability to plug into a new company at a moments notice and allows for additional affiliate or any other marketing outside of your primary business. Always ensure you inspire confidence, trust and positivity.

Combine branding yourself with effective marketing to build an environment for people to know, like and trust you. This leads to people opting in to your list, following up on your offers and joining your team or becoming a loyal customer.

Your Brand Name

The best brand name is your own name. However, if you don’t want to use your own name then I recommend brainstorming to find a name that resonates with and represents YOU. Choose a name the you can intimately connect with.

Selecting a Niche

The following questions will help you in selecting a niche.
What’s your brand values and purpose?
What are you selling?
What are you promoting?
Who do you want to reach?
What is your target markets needs, wants and desires?

A broad niche like “MLM” will be more challenging to target than a more focused one such as “Social Media Marketing” or “MLM Lead Generation.”

Show Your Face

A smiling face helps to develop trust in a brand. Use your own face to brand yourself as a leader. When selecting images, try using the same image or set of images for each profile, banner or header. This creates consistency and makes instant brand recognition even easier.

Be Different and Unique

When it comes to branding yourself, ask these questions. What’s special about you? Do you have experience that makes you stand out from the rest? Are you creative? Do you have strong leadership skills? Do you possess lots of passion and a drive to succeed and help others? Remember to always be yourself and stand out. Show what sets you apart from everyone else trying to do the same thing you are.

Share Your Story

Sharing your personal story will really help your audience get to know, like and trust you. This is an important factor when it comes to branding yourself. Your audience can relate to or be inspired by your story, so don’t hold back. While sharing your story, display your value, experience, humanity, individuality and stimulate and emotional connection.

Be Everywhere

Here you want massive exposure in the social media world. Feature your brand across different social media platforms, especially those relevant to your profession. Always use your brand name as your profile names. Don’t limit yourself. Participate intelligently in the forums and sites you choose. Remember, more variety leads to more exposure and more exposure leads to more recognition. To do this, you can use written articles, videos and audio recording.

Utilize frequency and repetition. Put your brand in more places and get your message seen by as many people as possible. Make them see it over and over. Share your content and participate in internet forums involved in you business or niche. Network actively on social media sites. People need to see your brand several times before they start to notice it. Though it speeds up the process if they see your brand in several different places. Capitalize on unique elements you have to offer. Bring your special skills, talents and perspective in line with the needs, wants and desires of your clearly defined target market.

Remember: Be Creative, Think Outside the Box and Brand Yourself


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