We DOMINATE Your MLM Company Google Searches..We Benefit Together

We will work with one leader per MLM company to accomplish this and we might join your downline to benefit from the traffic as well. We require participation of a minimum of 50 people on your team to start this campaign. Your company must have 2 years of history and there are other factors we consider.

The system is NOT based around a particular “TEAM” but focusses on building long-term dominance of search terms for your MLM company, benefiting MULTIPLE people on your team or in the company.

Contact CEO@AdPlotter.com to reserve the campaign in your MLM company. If we are working with a leader in an MLM company and they have not met their 50 minimum in the first 7 days, we will work with other leaders in that company.

If you are in the following companies, you can register to USE the service ..


World Global Network

Wealth Generators

EXP Realty

United Games

Forever Green




Rodan & Fields

You can view a recorded webinar to see how this works..It is another company’s webinar recording but the link will take you to the sign up page in which you can select from one of the companies I mentioned above.

The link to sign up is at : http://www.DownLineBooster.com


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