Top MLM Network Marketing Tips – part 2 International Silver Network (ISN) looking for affiliates in over 25 countries! This home based business is a 6 figure plus income generator that pays its reps in commissions, bonuses, Mercedes Benz, and FREE Silver and Gold. I got my Mercedes Benz in under 90 days and have stacked lots of silver and gold all compliments of International Silver Network!

Top Secrets That All Successful Network Marketers Practice, here are the second 10. PART 1 found here:

11. They learn from others
12. They never become complacent, they are always recruiting
13. They keep it simple
14. They stay in contact with their downline and their prospects
15. They go the extra mile, they give more
16. They follow up on leads and prospects
17. They accomplish tasks in order of importance
18. They concentrate on benefits
19. They have a daily study plan, books, newsletters, CD’s, Youtube


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