DON’T FALL FOR Jonathan Budd’s new “Powur” MLM

Here are several links that I referred to in the video. ~ Jonathan Budd’s “Pipe Dream “

Definition “pipe dream”
* an unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme.

* fantasy, false hope, illusion, delusion, daydream, chimera; castle in the air, castle in Spain; pie in the sky
“for most aspiring actors, that starring role is just a pipe dream”

If Jonathan Budd’s former companies, “Empowered Entrepreneurs” and “Ripplin”, were so successful, why did he form Powur?
ations/ ~ In 2013 Budd co-founded Rippln, best known as one of the most notorious MLM startup failures ever. Ripplin ~ How Not to Close an MLM Company Ripplin Sold Off
ations/ ~ Review of Powur and their Mind Boggling Compensation Plan ~ You need to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this out…But if you can you are far smarter tha I am.

Here are links to the Alternative I referred to :

How to Make Money with the SolarCity Ambassador Program ~ Everyone wins with SolarCity’s Solar Ambassador program. Believe in a Better Way ~ Be a Solar City Ambassador

Register Free to Become a Solar City Ambassador

Solar City’s Ambassador Program :
What is essentially a multi-level marketing plan has proven to generate referrals and sales for SolarCity at little cost, a huge boon for a company that has shunned traditional advertising methods.

This grassroots movement headed up by Jon Carson, a former Obama campaigner, has shown exponential growth in the year since it’s inception.

The program provides SolarCity Ambassador‘s the opportunity to build a business.

How SolarCity’s Ambassador Program Works
The program allows ambassadors to build a team three levels deep to maximize their referral and sales power. Basically, the original participant in the program can bring on board up to three new ambassadors to work under them, and those three new ambassadors can add three more team members each, resulting in twelve ambassadors working under the original participant.

The ambassador heading up the team earns $200 for each solar system they sell themselves, $100 for each solar system sold by the three ambassadors he or she directly recruited, and $50 for each solar system sold by each of the direct recruit team members.

Though the program has been compared to pyramid schemes, this simply isn’t the case since ambassadors only earn referral rewards on sales made and not by simply signing up new recruits, not to mention that ambassadors don’t pay SolarCity to sign up. The program has simply been an effective means of driving sales, based on both the low cost to the company and sales success.

Grassroots Success
Since the SolarCity Ambassador Program’s inception approximately a year ago, 100,000 ambassadors have signed up to spread the word about the benefits of solar power systems through SolarCity. program in December of 2014.

Building Businesses
The program allows any person who is passionate about solar power to sign up and begin earning money by sales generated from referrals. By building a team, they increase their earning power and spread SolarCity’s alternative energy network.

SolarCity Ambassadors sign up as independent contractors, meaning that they are not employees of SolarCity, they are responsible for their own taxes, and must provide SolarCity with a W-9 form.

They also agree to cover any costs incurred in performing their role in the terms and conditions new ambassadors must comply to upon signing up for the program. Despite worries that rogue, rule-breaking ambassadors could negatively impact the public’s perception of the company with unethical or even illegal sales tactics, the program’s track record has proven such problems to be a non-issue.

SolarCity Ambassador Program Conclusion
Essentially, SolarCity is taking a people-based, passion and success motivated approach to keeping SolarCity at the top of the solar energy system installment game. Expect to see more grassroots style programs rolling out at SolarCity to boost exposure in a market driven by environmentally concerned and frugal every-day people.

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