The Best Essential Oil Company

Most of the essential oil companies below I have found through certified aromatherapists and teachers. I have researched on the web high and low, talked to my local herbalist, searched through aromatherapist schools, followed blogs of instructors and MORE to find the list below (besides Aura Cacia, DoTERRA, and Young Living, those just popped up easy). This was no piece of cake, and you yourself will have to decide which ones you would like to try and look them up yourself too, but at least you have a list to work with (and you can expand on it too if you’d like). Though I cannot PERSONALLY recommend all the below essential oil companies, I am confident through my research that the essential oil companies below are of the highest quality available. I have given this list out of compassion to the many who have fallen into the trap of MLM companies like I myself fell into. No, there is not one magical company that is the sole owner of all the good oils out there! That’s marketing of the devil, people! There are of course many EO companies that are NOT high quality, but since there is no governing body that regulates the “quality” of essential oils, all of them will say they are the highest quality. Have you ever heard of a grade B, C, or D essential oil? There aren’t any.
-There is one PDF article I recommend you read as well, called The Quality of Essential Oils by Jade Shutes, who is the Director of Education of East West Aroma School. It’s eleven pages long but well worth the read; save yourself the hassle of reading through “12 part” plus blogs and just take the time to read this (and then go on to the blogs if you really have the desire)! Article is in PDF format (

Essential Oil Companies that are safe to try (by alphabetical order):

Aura Cacia (
Eden Botanicals (
Essential Aura Aromatics (
Essential Elements (
Florihana Inc. ( or
Fragrant Earth (
Lunaroma Aromatic Apothecary (
Mountain Rose Herbs (
Native American Nutritionals (
Nature’s Fusions (
Original Swiss Aromatics (
Oshadhi (
Pompeii Organics (
Stillpoint Aromatics (
Veriditas Botanicals (
Young Living (

I personally own: Aura Cacia, Eden Botanicals (my favorite company), Florihana, free DoTERRA samples (you can go to a class, and get good sized free ones!), Young Living’s Lavender and some samples (samples are really lame and contain two drops each!), Oshadhi, Natures Fusions and Veriditas Botanicals. I also own Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden and do not personally recommend, but you’ll welcome to try them yourself! 😉


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