How To Choose A Network Marketing Company – 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an MLM

Whether you are new to the Network Marketing industry or an experience network marketer starting a new Network Marketing business

you’re probably wondering whether or not you chose the right company
if you’ve already found a network marketing business that you are happy with Great Job of making the right choice! You are on the path to
enjoying the benefits of Network Marketing such as residual income and continuing with your personal development
but if you’re wondering how to choose the right that were marketing company stay tuned and I’ll give you five points to consider when chosing a
network marketing company

The first factor that you need to consider is the executive leadership of the company. There are large number of networking
business and market and many of them often hype up their prospects, that they are going to be the next Amway, NuSkin
before joining you should look at the background of the executive team and find out whether they had a solid track record of building a successful
a successful MLM business. If they do have a solid track record, they have a better chance of succeeding and building a new company
because they have experience under their belts.They already know what types mistakes to avoid and how to create and execute a blueprint
in building a business. If the company has been in existence for at least three years having an executive leadership team
with a solid track record is even more critical

The Second thing to consider is field leadership Strong mentorship and personal development are critical elements for success. Over 95% of
people quit during their first three months because they lack strong leadership. If you are looking at companies ask your sponsor about the
training and relationships that they have with their mentors and ask yourself if you believe that your sponsor is committed to your success in this
industry. Good mentors would value that you’re in the business for yourself but not by yourself!

The third thing to consider is timing. Is the company that are involved with in an industry that growing even during a recession
during a recession example a fast growing industries include health and wellness
Examples of fast growing industrys are health and wellness, education and the green sector.

Fourth is the uniqueness of the products. If your company is in a highly competitive industry like health and wellness do the product or products
offer something quite unique and and value-added? Is the product in high demand and will it be in high demand for years to come

And finally, the compensation plan. Is the plan easy to understand and explain? Does it reward associates who sponsor a couple people or do
you have to sponsor a large number of people in order to make a decent income. I suggest asking for average annual incomes and different levels
of the company to get a picture of what people are making
You want to ask how long it will take to reach a desire income level?

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