The Best MLM Companies and the 4 Things They Have in Common

Best MLM Companies

Are you searching for a list of the Best MLM Companies or a network marketing company to partner with?

If so, this is a MUST WATCH video! Watch this video to learn the four (4) things a network marketing company MUST HAVE to be considered one of the best MLM companies.

Hello my name is Rhonda Jordan your MLM training and marketing coach and I want to welcome you to the best MLM companies overview.

Now in this video it’s my intention to give you some things to consider so that you can evaluate and determine whether or not you have selected one of the best MLM companies.

Now the first thing I wanna tell you is I have 17 years experience as a network marketing professional, so I have had an opportunity to evaluate and really review the compensation plans of many different companies out there. Now here are a few things that
I want you to know:

The first thing is people always ask me is what’s the best MLM company? Here’s something I want to tell you; the best MLM company is the one that is BEST for you!

Also, I want you to know there are a ton of great companies out there, but here are some things I think they all have in common:

0:54 The best MLM companies have great products and services that can be marketed to a variety of people, not just the people that are part of the company. See what that is referred to is internal consumption. That means that the vast majority of the products and services are just been sold to the distributor
force. That’s not what you’re looking for.

You want things that you can market not just to other people on your team, (certainly they’ll buy) but in addition to that you want to be able to market to your friends and family members and maybe to other business owners, maybe to individuals that you know who are in other professions that will find your services useful; so that’s the first thing.

01:38 Now the second thing. that I believe the best MLM companies have in common is they have a strong training system
that is in place and designed to take a brand new person from application all the way to the top position within the company and its all based on the training system that is in place. It needs to be simple and it needs to be duplicatable.

02:01 Now the third thing that the best MLM companies actually have in place is they have been documented by maybe a number of publications.That means they have third-party credibility. They have maybe been featured as one of the direct selling 100 companies, you know the global list that’s actually a indicated or printed I’m sorry on an annual basis. Maybe they’ve been featured as a Inc 500 or Inc 5000 company or perhaps they’ve been documented in a number of other publications.

See I believe that documentation beats conversation any day of the week, so you want to make sure that you’ve looked at those things.

02:40 Now another thing that the best companies the best MLM
companies have in common is a strong compensation plan because you want to be in a position to be rewarded for your efforts.

So ladies and gentlemen I hope you found this information to be helpful. Now the last thing I want to share with you that the best MLM companies have in place is they are telling you right out of the gate that you need to build a strong team. And that is the only way that you’re going to become a real top producer in any company.

So one of the things I would like to share with you is what I’ve done is created an online presence which allows me to generate my own leads.

Now in your search for the best MLM companies if you’re interested in learning more about my system and how I did it, I’d be happy to share it with you. It’s something that can be used in
any company regardless of which one used you choose, so if you’re interested in learning more I want you to click the link that is right below this video.

Go ahead and do it now; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain just simply by understanding better how you can build a strong team. And then finally I want to wish you all the best in your
search for becoming an MLM profession, professional and certainly by being courageous enough to join us as entrepreneurs.

My name again is Rhonda Jordan. Thanks for watching this short video and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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