Network Marketing Tips – Ninja Closing Tip Network Marketing NINJA Closing Tip. Closing people is an art form but one that can be learnt very quickly.
Its not all about the amount of words you say, it’s about the quality of the words.

Every prospect is different but for the majority, if you are talking to them about a Network Marketing opportunity, what’s in it for them as far as “how much can I earn”…. “can I see myself doing this”… etc, etc.. these are all very important things to address…

Remember, sell benefits, not features… people are not really interested in your life story (at this stage), or where your company is located… what they are interested in is, “what’s in it for me?”

When you get to the stage that you have their permission to send the link to them, ask them what is a good time to get back to them, then once you do, use the close in this video to seal the deal..

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