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MLM, Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing is the best business concept of this century. By investing a small amount you can earn in lacs and crores. You can attain financial freedom by putting little efforts. But, it does not happen with large number of people.

What was the reason you could not make huge profits or why you could not attain financial freedom?

I will answer each and every question and if you want to do MLM business seriously, you will find number of tips and techniques.

I want to mention one point that this video neither favours any company nor is against any company. It does not promote any MLM company, instead the purpose is to educate my viewers who want to make money in this business opportunity. As a motivational speaker, I have conducted motivational sessions and LDP (leadership development programs) for around 50 companies and I had an opportunity to interact with people from chairman to an ordinary distributor. This video is the central idea of all these experiences.

What is MLM? Just for the sake of repetition, the company gives rights to its consumer to make more consumers and those consumers are further allowed to make more consumers and those consumers can further create more consumers and so on till unlimited levels. This means, every consumer is a sales man and every sales man is a consumer. I have explained all this concepts through graphics.

The company distributes a share from this profit among this network of distributors. e.g. the product is priced at Rs. 100/- Say 70/- is distributed in the network. What is the source of this profit? In traditional business, this amount goes to franchisee, distributors, whole sellers and retailers and even advertising cost is incurred from this very part of profit. In MLM, there is no such distributor or retailer or advertising is involved, so this money is distributed among the network, as per a formula derived by the company. As you are selling directly to consumers and they are further selling to consumers and so on. So as per your work, you are given the share say 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% from this profit.

Such a simple concept and yet majority of you do not earn this much. Why you fail in this concept of Multi level marketing? Why MLM companies fail? and why this system of MLM is failed? Let us understand the reasons. Reason no. 1 is Dream selling. majority of you sell dreams of becoming rich and not the products and thus you create million of salesmen who are selling dreams and not consuming the products.

Reason no. 2 is No product. Some companies promote concept without even product. This is called money circulation and is even illegal. Such companies are to close their shops sooner or later. Third reason is absence of business strategies and fourth reason is no training or no education.

I have already given you an idea of spending 33% of your income on yourself, your getup, your education and technology up-gradation. This is a success secret of all successful people.

My suggestions are create consumers only. And when a consumer gets satisfied by the product, ask him whether he will be interested in making this as a career. Do not make associates who do not wish to consume the product. They will only create sales men and thus there will be million of sales men looking for millions of people to become sales men.

Avoid shortcuts, work for permanent success. If interested to conduct my motivational sessions and LDPs (leadership development programs) in your company. Do mail me at, I am with you always.

This motivational video for success in Hindi is being dedicated to all my MLM clients viz. Amway, Dewsoft, IMC, Herbalways, Ntel etc. esp. to SP Singh, Ashok Bhatia and Natraj Suryavanshi.

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