Have You Heard Of The VEMMA Challenge? All Networkers Should Watch. Critics May Hate It!

As I have read through the court documents on FTC .v VEMMA it accured to me that I may have an answer for ALL MLM companies not just VEMMA.

If we as network marketers want to walk out talk, and want the regulators off our backs, then we need more customers.

As I looked around my house I realized, I have dozens of products manufactured and sold by network marketing companies. Do you?

If you are not a custom of other network marketing companies why not?

I challenge you to start today by finding a Vemma affiliate and buying a product that you can use, which you will use regulary.

Troy Dooly is known at The Voice of Network marketing. He covers direct selling companies, individual network marketers, and the controversial topics surrounding the MLM community.

Dooly is the news director at the Home Business Radio Network, and hosting a daily radio show “The Beachside CEO”.

Dooly has been in the direct selling industry for over 30 years.



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