Are Newbies Being Pimped At Network Marketing Events? Rodney Walker MCA

Disclaimer: This video about PIMPING in Network Marketing is in no way intended to offend any companies or people in specific. If you’re offended, then that must be you’re the one pimping.

The MLM business is a multi billion dollar industry. I must say I’m proud to be a part of this industry, but to ofter it seems people are being taken advantage of to pump more money into the owners and top leaders pockets that way they can continue to live those huge lifestyles to lead in more people.

The reason I created this video, is because I don’t think it’s fair the amount of money that is being charged to people who look to attend these events, while at the same time the prospects or audience doesn’t receive anything for their efforts to make it to an event but the chance to RE_BRAND another network marketing celebrity through Iphones, Androids, and Social Media.

If companies can afford to dish out millions of dollars in commissions to leaders and non leaders, then why are they charging $100 – $200 for people to attend an event? In my opinion, these companies feel they are putting on such a great show, you should pay steep prices.

Who should be paying who in this situation? Newbies who have just spent usually $100 to $2,000 to join the MLM now have to come out another 3 figures to watch people speak on their success? I think the event should be 100% free, OR the ticket holders should get something major of value for free. Maybe it’s a person looking to come in the industry, then their products/service should be free or DEEPLY discounted. Maybe it’s someone in the company already. They should receive something free also.

Bottom line, is this is 100% PIMPING. Let’s take a look at it.

1. You’ve joined or Plan to join a company and spend $100-$2,000
2. You spend money on a flight ticket round trip to the event $300 – $800
3. You more than likely will spend the weekend in whatever city the even is in, so you need a hotel – $75 to $300 a NIGHT
4. You will more than likely need food of course – $35 a day or more

After you have spent all this money, should you not have the opportunity to attend the event for free, or deeply discounted? Should you not get a product/service for free?

The only thing you’re going to receive at these network marketing events, is an opportunity to use your phone to take videos/pics of leaders on stage, then taking those images back to social media to show people you know, while branding the top leaders you filmed.

I say that people wake up to this and not be taken advantage of anymore. These people can gross anywhere from $400,000 to $1,000,000 per event. So not only are they making money off you joining the business, but they are cleaning up on the event.

If an event is coming to your major city, Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle, Boston, LA, Las Vegas, Dalls, Houston, Miami, Orlando, etc. make sure you think about what I’m telling you before you go to BRAND another top leader and wonder why you can’t make any money.

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