Ever Seen “The Voice” – Would you turn your chair around?

Not sure if you’ve seen the TV show ‘The Voice’.

It’s where up and coming singers put their talents on display in front of 4 judges…In hopes of making it into the singing competition.

The twist is, the judges can’t see what a person looks like.

They’re only able to listen to their voices to decide if they’re worth being in the competition. If they hear a contestant they think should be on the show…They’ll hit a red button and their chair will turn around where they can see the contestant.

With that in mind, Let’s say The Voice isn’t about singing at all.

Say it’s a business show where the judges listen to people’s stories of ‘taking action’ How would you fare?

If you were a judge, and were listening to yourself tell your story…Your story about the action you’ve taken (or NOT). Would you hit the red button and turn your chair around for your own efforts?


– Are you taking massive, consistent, daily action?

– Are you putting in the time to build your business and develop your skillsets?

– Are you investing in yourself?


Are you just like the majority of network marketing reps?

The reps who are in LOVE with the ‘idea’ of the lifestyle network marketing can bring, but don’t take action to make it happen?

If that’s you, it’s not too late.

It all starts with taking the first action step.

So take it right now.


If you don’t know what actions you need to take, have no fear…

All you need to do is watch this 30 minute training video and you’ll see exactly what you need to do to build a HUGE business, starting this week:


And start moving closer to making that lifestyle you fell in LOVE with…

Make it Your reality!

Amanda Wilkes


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