How to Recruit in MLM – How to be successful in MLM

How to Recruit in MLM – How to be successful in MLM

The problem with most MLM companies is they do not support coaching and training. I feel that any MLM will work if you are hooked up with the right coach and mentor. Even the ones that claim they coach and mentor others they only give a few mins. and they call that coaching and mentoring.

I have been coaching and mentoring others for well over 35 years and for me it is fun. Why do I say fun? Because when I coach and mentor others I know that I really make a big difference in a person life. Most people really do need hand holding when going into MLM program because most people do not know thousands of people. Wouldn’t it be nice if a person like myself can show you the ropes and how to bring in those kinds of people so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel?

Take a moment and see for yourself when you go to my personal website. We have great products and I can see you at the top. If you are already in a MLM program that’s ok. I can only guess that maybe your not making any money in that program.

You have nothing to loose and you have everything to gain. What will that be? Another way of getting new people without putting a whole lot of effort on your part.

By the way I am in a program called lumaxa. They have great products and products that people really do want. The products makes it easy to get others involved for getting products and starting a business as well.

See you at the top,
John Schepcoff
coach and mentor


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