Why Most People Fail in MLM

Why Most People Fail in MLM
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About 97% of all network marketers fail to make any money.

Why is the failure rate so high, and why do most people fail in MLM?

In my estimation, most people fail in network marketing and mom for a few reasons.

First off, many people simply won’t put in the effort required to build their business. Or, even if they put in some effort, won’t stick to it long enough to succeed.

Secondly, most people fail in mom because they rely on their company to show them how to build their business.

Many companies have poor training, and even if you follow their training, it[‘s hard to excel, if you do the same things to promote your business that everyone else does.

I find providing tactical training is a great way to succeed in network marketing.

You can create training yourself, and brand yourself as an authority,
or use this system to prvoide you material, branding, and even a commission if people join you in your business

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