New Ambit MLM Recruit What’s Next – Coach100k

New Ambit Recruit What’s Next – Coach100k
Recruiting — 7 Things Your Prospect Needs To Hear

They CAN Make Money — Your prospect needs to hear you tell them that they can in fact make money if they work the business as intended. They may not believe they can actually make money. As their potential sponsor, you have a responsibility to reassure them that they are capable of generating an income.

The Business is Proven to Work — Social proof is a powerful thing! Introduce your prospect to other people in the business who have achieved some success no matter how great or small it is. Show them how other peoples lives have been affected by the products and opportunity your company offers. This will give them an “I can do it too” attitude when they see other people just like them achieving success with the business.

It Easily Integrates Well into Their Current Life — Get this across and your mlm recruiting efforts will increase tenfold! Help your prospect understand just how easy the business fits into their current lifestyle. Tell them they can achieve the success they want by having short 2 to 5 minute conversations with the people they interact with throughout their life.

You WILL Help Them — Many people have never owned an mlm business before. The idea may be overwhelming to them and they need to know they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Let them know you are going to guide them, support them and help them every step of the way.

A System is in Place to Help Them Succeed — Organized systems make money. For better mlm recruiting success, you need to tell your prospect that there is a workable system in place designed specifically to help them succeed. Follow the plan, they system, and they will make money with their mlm business.

Here is Your First Goal — This is highly important!!! Set a small achievable goal for your prospect to achieve right from the start. (i.e. Initial investment back in XX number of days, first bonus check, first promotion, etc…) Let them know you are going to help them achieve it.

ASK THEM TO JOIN — So many people fail to ask their prospect to join them in the business. You’d be amazed at how many more people would join you in your business if you would simply “ASK THEM” to join as part of your mlm recruiting effort. Most prospects are just waiting for you to ask them before they commit to anything, so ask! Inviting your prospect to join makes them feel as though they have the privilege of being part of something bigger than themselves. Your closing ration will increase significantly when you start asking your prospects to join.


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