There is noargument whether money is

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There is noargument whether money is the most important aspect of life. It isn’t.

Maybe for some, it is, but for the rest of us, it’s usually family, or friends. Money doesn’t give us happiness—at least not directly. But haven’t it occurred to you that sometimes in order to make happiness possible we somehow need money? I guess the best way to put it, then, is that money is a common “accessory” to happiness.

I’d like you to be honest with me. Wouldn’t you or your loved ones be happier if your live more comfortable lives? Wouldn’t it make them happy for you to be able to have provided them their needs, and if you wanted, even their luxuries? Wouldn’t it make you, yourself,happy?

Let me share with you my own experience which happened in the past week.

My sister Ana, who like me is also a Royalista (a Royalè independent distributor), flew back here in the Philippines from her home in Akita, Japan. Although on her own she earns an ample salary, she chose to partner with me in Royalè, along with my sister Cherrie (leftmost in the picture) and my mom (right next to me, to the left). She arrived here almost following the same process that happens every time she comes home: We visit old friends and relatives whom we haven’t seen in a while; went shopping for some bit; and ate out some more.

When she needed extra money pulled out, I told her that since I signed her up in Royalè’s system and that I have been working on her organization, some money have actually been rolling in. So we encashed some of her earnings through Royalè’s handy mobile app (available on Android and iOS ), and released it a few days after.

How Important Should You Look at Money?

My sister Ana’s first two checks in Royalè.

Here are her checks that we withdrew.

We used most of it in doing, well, more shopping, and committed ourselves to an impromptu trip to Laguna. Everything that our money bought are all material things, true, but at the end of the day, we were happy, because we were all together and does not think of any financial stress. Because we had money.

Check out some of the photos from our trip:

This is just a classic example of how money becomes an accessory in achieving happiness. It’s not the material things that make us happy. For instance, having a smartphone does not make us happy; we are happy because we have something to connect to our friends and family with. We are not happy because we have brand-new clothes; we are happy because we look good in them when we meet other people.

It’s time we switch our thinking towards money.

It is not the most important aspect in life, and we should not devote ourselves to it. But whether we like it or not, it is going to be a necessity in life. We need it for food, clothing, shelter—all our needs and, if we really wanted to, even our luxuries.

Look at money as something that you mean to acquire in order to make people happy; to make you happy. It will help us reach our dreams, get together with family, help other people in need. That’s a fact and we cannot ignore it. We need money to make ourselves and others happy.

I hope you absorbed something valuable in this Royalè tip. Have a great week, everyone!


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Royalè Tip: How “Important” Should You Look at Money?

There is no argument whether money is the most important aspect of life. It isn’t. Maybe for some, …

Author: royalesecrets

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