You Ever Had A Garden?

I’ve only had little ones, but let me tell you something…

If you don’t tend to them everyday, guess what happens?

Your plants wilt up and die.


They need water, sun, fertilizer, weeding, and protection from pests.

You skip checking any of those things and you got some ratty looking stuff.

But, if you take care of it like you should, you end up with some awesome, homegrown, natural bounties.

I can almost taste it, ha…

You know what?

Growing a garden is identical to growing a network marketing business.

It requires daily actions, like:

– Adding new, interested prospects…

– Following up with those prospects and your existing “list”…

– Helping your team members build and grow their teams…

– Making sure your mind is right and ready for the daily grind of building a networking business…

Skip ANY of those and you may not notice it at first.

But, do it for a few days or even weeks at a time and you’ll notice your business wilting to a halt.

However, if you do those things consistently, over time, you’re gonna start seeing the ‘fruits of your labor’…

In the form of those ridiculously oversized commission checks, teams of 100s (And 1,000s), Freedom, and much, much more.

Every time you stop, or neglect your business, you stunt it’s growth even more and push yourself even further out from getting that success you want (and deserve).

Can you still “make it” if you do neglect your business a little?


No one is perfect.

Life is gonna happen.

No two ways about it.

Kids, family, your job, stuff’s gonna come up.

Just realize that.

Make the commitment to yourself that when that “stuff” happens, you quickly recognize and make it a priority to get back into your groove.

Believe me your garden (and your business) will thank you hundreds of thousands of times over.

Talk soon,
“Farmer” Amanda

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