How To Walk A Goldfish…

Sounds pretty difficult doesn’t it?

That’s because it isn’t possible.

But I was talking to a prospect the other day and I asked him what his challenges were…

He responded by telling me how confused he was. He wasn’t sure where he should start, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed and didn’t even know how to approach a new lead.

And he said he felt like he was “trying to walk a goldfish”.

I found it amusing (and we both laughed) because it’s true. I meet so many cool and interesting people on a daily basis but most of them are lost and totally clueless on what they should be doing to grow their business.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

You continue to struggle finding any “good leads” for your business, but your upline keeps telling you “don’t quit, it’s a numbers” game. (definition of insanity, keep doing the same thing expecting a different result)

Or your still unsure of “what to say or how to say it” when you’re approaching a new prospect (I struggled with this too when I first got started)

You’re struggling to find “time” to get going (treat it like a hobby and it’ll pay you like a hobby, very little)

You’re scared of rejection and fear real success (It’s ok, I was nervous as heck when I first got started, I had no idea what I was doing)

If you answered yes to any of those maybe you’re still trying to “walk a goldfish” because it doesn’t work!

But here’s the thing….it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

You’ve been lied to, had the wrong mentorship, tried the things you thought were “right” because it’s what you were told to do and it just didn’t work for you.

Trust me, it’s tough to build a business if you don’t have the right tools, mindset, or support behind you.

On the flip-side…

When you have a process in place that empowers you to do the right things, take the right steps, give you the proper direction so you never have a single doubt about what you should be doing or how to grow your business…

You’ll finally get your business (and your life) accelerating the right way and all of those struggles disappear seemingly overnight.

It’s exactly why I recommend the Fast Start Business Blueprint.

‚ÄčIt’s quite simply the only tried, tested and proven system I’ve seen work for me and my business (and I’ve tried them ALL!). I haven’t seen anything else even come CLOSE to getting the results the Business Blueprint has gotten for me and know it can for you too but you have to take the first step.

So take a chance, give it a shot and do something great for yourself and your business for a change. You deserve it!

Go ahead and click the link below, watch the video training right now so you can understand what we’re all about and lets get started…


I look forward to helping you make it happen together!

See you on the inside,
Amanda Wilkes


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