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I’ve been talking to people this week about what I do. Some people won’t even talk to me because they don’t understand what network marketing is. They think it’s a scary scam. And then I get this question often,

“Why should I buy it from you when I can get something similar at the store?” and that is a great question!

First let me ask a skeptic this, “If a friend were opening a restaurant, would you be excited to try it out?” and the answer is usually a resounding YES. We are excited when friends embark on a new business endeavor and want to help out. Except when it’s network marketing – then somehow our support of friends jumps out the window. It’s a huge misunderstanding and completely unfortunate really.

But why should you buy your products from me? Or a friend? Or your mom? Or sister? Why not just get your calcium tablet from pharmacy store? Or your beauty cream from the street? Or your makeup from Shoprite?

The answer to this is two fold:

The benefits to YOU: By purchasing a product from a network marketer, whether as a client or signing on to reap the discount rewards, you are buying yourself a better product hands down. This would-be advertising dollars that would have been spent on traditional advertising are instead spent on product development. Usually, the product goes straight from the manufacturer via mail to your doorstep and is most often a fresh product that hasn’t been sitting on store shelves for months (or years if you count warehouse storage!). If you have signed on as a client or a rep and are receiving a discounted price on the product, chances are you are paying roughly the same for the superior product than you would have at a traditional store.

The benefits to your FRIEND/NEIGHBOR: The person who shared this product with you will receive a commission based on that recommendation. Isn’t that nice? Instead of spending the $30 at a retail store and helping nobody you know, you’ve now spent that same money and are helping someone’s business that you do know. And even better, if you also help spread the word about a product you love, YOU will also now receive a commission (if you’ve signed up as a consultant/representative or whatever title the company may have)

With this cycle do you understand the power that this holds? How if we just shift our spending to a different system (it’s still the same spending amount) we can help to change where our money goes? I hope for any skeptics or anyone on the fence about network marketing this clears it up just a tad about what the benefits are and how it will change the world.

Am a life and health coach, and i work with trevo a product that has 174 ingredients, its the first of it kind. For more details dapseen@gmail.com

Author: dapseentrevo

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