4 Things That Changed When I Started Network Marketing

When I started as an Independent Distributor for Young Living I didn’t even realize I was working in network marketing. Giggle all you want, I was clueless! I just loved my essential oils, saw an incredible opportunity, and thought it was cool that sharing my love and knowledge of oils brought extra income in. When I first discovered that Young Living was network marketing I squirmed. Ew. I became like “one of those Mary Kay reps.” I hated the sound of it – but I loved what I did! How could it be that network marketing was one of the funnest, most rewarding jobs I ever had? At almost a year in, I realize that this job has taught me a lot, and changed the way I interact with people for the better. Here are four things that changed when I started network marketing. 

1. I stopped dismissing every product I saw advertised

Prior to working in network marketing I thought that anyone trying to advertise a product was just a sleezy salesy person. I especially hated when friends did it, and dismissed all of their products as bogus and/or a rip off price wise. This perspective changed the day my sinus infections went away, I stopped getting sick, and I stopped having to take ibuprofen every few hours. Seeing something that I had never heard about growing up, change my life and health so fast and dramatically, really humbled me. It showed me that it isn’t always true that “Well, if it really works I would’ve heard about it by now.” I thought essential oils were just weird smells hippies used that had something to do with an aura. Come to find now, the government’s national research library has found therapeutic grade essential oils to do amazing things! Check out my notes at the bottom here for (1) (2) and (3). 

So now when someone brings up a new product, or truly believes that what they are distributing can change my life, I LISTEN. I listen, and I research. I no longer just pass it off as some rip off that likely won’t work. I did that before, and I was humbled. Because of this humility I was able to learn the numerous benefits of Shakeology, for example, and I love it! My mother distributes for them, and their chocolate shake is awesome. I don’t sell it, and I never will, but it is great to be able to hear people out without a prejudice against them in advance. 

2. I stopped taking free samples

I honestly used to take samples from vendors, or distributors for different companies, with absolutely no intention of ever contacting them, or buying a product. Now I realize how mean that really is – and in a way, it is like stealing. It never occurred to me before I began buying my own samples to give out, that I was costing these small business owners and distributors PERSONAL money, and giving them a false hope of a future customer. It really hurts my feelings when someone takes 1, 2, 3 samples, and never gets back to me. It feels a little bit like being stolen from. God is always teaching me things, and it is sad that it took it happening to me to realize that I was being dishonest with my neighbor in this way. 

3. I started being upfront with friends who were network marketers

Nothing is worse than having someone who is interested in purchasing through you, sending them a sample, or information, and then simply never hearing back from them. When I say never, I mean never, and it happens all the time. It hurts especially when they are friends of yours. After sending out several samples to people, being promised by them “they would order soon” and then never hearing back from them or never ordering, I learned not to do that to someone else.

One example of this, is I had a woman who could not afford a whole kit of essential oils, but she was saving up. She had some pretty terrible symptoms that she wanted an aid for, and I felt for her. She needed relief, and was saving up to buy a kit with a sure promise “I will buy one soon.” In the meantime I sent her $30 worth of roll ons to help her with her symptoms – and it worked! It really helped – and I was glad to grant her relief – and am still glad that I did. I had continued to follow up with her, send her samples, and wait until she was ready for nearly six months. Around the time she said she would be ordering she messaged me and told me “Actually, I have another distributor I am buying from. Thanks anyway!” I actually cried. Again, when I say “This happens ALL THE TIME” I mean it happens all the time. I have countless stories from friends on my team, and it hurts every time it happens, no matter how long you’re in it. 

You only have to experience that once to make sure you NEVER do that to someone else. After that happened I started MAKING SURE I got back with all of my Mary Kay and Jamberry friends when they invited me to a party, or asked if I’d like a sample. I am upfront when I DON’T want a sample, or when I am not interested, or if I have a local distributor that I use. It is hard when people fall off the face of the earth and never get back to you, and I don’t want to be that person for someone else.

4. I started encouraging small business owners who I buy from

Getting messages from happy customers is like having flowers delivered to your doorstep. It just improves your whole day! Especially in my business where I really believe that these oils will change lives, and have changed mine, it’s like having someone else discover the same treasure I found! It absolutely charms me to see people fall in love with these powerful things as much as I have – and to have helped them to get there. It is extremely rewarding. 

Knowing now how that feels, I seek more opportunities to compliment, encourage, and share my joy with the small business owners I buy from. Whether an Etsy shop, independent distributor, or local bike shop owner, I know it really encourages them to hear that their work blesses me. 


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