Lawdy, lawdy…

Let’s jump into today’s topic.

Got a real good (and recent) example of how to NOT promote your business using social media.

Here’s the message I got earlier today on Facebook:

Hey Amanda, ┬áIf I could show you how to add an extra zero onto your current pay check, would you be interested?. It’s not IM, but with all the training we have had with Charles, if you are still in that field, you could do something with it. The team I am in is making some serious money.

Lawdy, lawdy.

I wanted to reach through the screen and just shake this lady…


I held back, took 3 deep breaths, and grabbed a paper bag and did some heavy breathing exercises. Ha.

It wasn’t that bad, but it’s a perfect example of ‘what not to do’.

Have you ever sent a message like that to your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or even email?

I bet your answers probably ‘yes’.

You know how I know?

Cause I did exactly the same thing when I first joined network marketing.

You know what kinda results I got?

Crickets. Nada. Nuthin’.


Put on the DNF (do not friend) list…

Look, promoting your business like that doesn’t work.

It won’t EVER.

And if that’s how you’re ‘trying’ to build it, STOP!

Not because I like telling you what to do.

But because I don’t want you making the same mistakes I did.

Learn from my struggles, challenges, and you’ll be able to:

– Jump into the fastlane for rank advancing in your business (HINT: Get to the top of your comp plan in months, not years, if ever)

– Skip out on all the stress, embarressment of recruiting your friends and acquantances the wrong way

– Actually start getting real, tangible rewards for your efforts in the form of commission checks and an exploding team.

How’s that sound?

Great, figured you’d like a better way.

Here it is:

Like the other tools I promote…

It’s not gonna break the bank.

It actually works to get you results.

I personally use the same process to effortlessly add new reps into my business EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Grab a copy now.

Chat later.

Amanda Wilkes


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