If you are interested in earning over USD 780,000 in the 12 months. I have a business plan & business strategy for you.

This business has helped over 5.5 million individuals world wide generate immense income & become millionaires over the period of year after joining and learning this business strategy and plan. Manned properly, we have seen this e-com business plan help those who had nothing ,achieve wonders & fulfilling dreams that they never could have other business ventures interested to know what was offered to them read .

This is positively not a chain or a multilevel marketing scheme , pyramid scheme or illegal money circulation , prize chit scheme ,nor a get rich quick
scheme. It is a get rich sure business .

Here is chance for you own a business venture that encompasses all success factor in traditional business concept with modern implemented and business
implementation and be financially free .

QUEST International LTD has been established in 1998 in Hongkong & registered office in The British Virgin Island (BVI) formed by Businessmen and investor
from EU (europen union ) & ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations ) and V team LTD .

Mission successful :-
1st Year 1999 — $ 008 Million
3rd year 2001 — $ 267 Million
4th year 2002 — $ 267 Million
6th year 2005 (plan) — $ 400 Million over but achieved cumulative Turnover $1 Billion and is the 1st company in world to cross $400 Million company in its first six years of operation
world wide , even world’s NO 1 . Microsoft did not achieved this in such short span of time
2.2 Billion US Dollar Turnover Company.

This company distributes NUMISMATICS, WATCHES & JEWELLERY products from QUATANA international, Telecommunication MOBILE PHONES from QUEST COMMUNICATION Ltd
and VACATION CLUB membership offered by QUEST VACATION international limited .

The is an e-commerce company spearheaded by QUEST international Ltd. Set up by 7 economists. For more Details, Conatact me .


If you interested to join this company just visit this site


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