MLM Prospecting | Are you Recruiting or Sponsoring — MLM Prospecting, are you Recruiting or Sponsoring? Great question right? Well a lot of people aren’t really sure what the difference really is. Let me take a minute to share how all this interest came about for me.

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I attended a Hangout last night with a bunch of cool people and the question was put forth. “Who’s responsibility is it for your success in Network Marketing, is it yours or your Sponsor’s? Here are my views on what is taking place out in the big big world right now.
As I began to do some research on keywords for this clip i began to understand more and more what is taking place, at least from my perspective and that is always a topic for conversation. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse so let’s begin with what is taking place out there before I talk about the difference between recruiting and sponsoring. In doing my research I came across a number of video clips and almost confession like statements that address how businesses are really being built. More and more of the industry leaders are baring their souls and I think for great reasons, that they have been using online strategies mostly built on the principles of attraction marketing to build the various primary businesses that they are working with. Now this might surprise some of you and it might not. The point I want to make is that attraction marketing brings very like minded people to the table, people who are looking for the expertise and knowledge that is being leveraged and in most cases handed over by the leaders, through training. Now we have the prospect to the table: Now what?
Recruiting or Sponsoring

There are two distinct ends to this equation

1. The Relational approach — Sponsoring
2. The Transactional approach — Recruiting

I like to make the distinction here because everyone always talks about how this is a relational business and how important the relationships are, but in a lot of cases don’t have the skill set to approach it from this perspective because those skills haven’t been passed down to them by their recruiter. I’m guilty of this also, so please don’t read this as being something that is judgmental. I don’t know that sponsoring is properly understood and I think this is where the prospects expectations need to be properly managed and/or set. Often in our zeal and excitement to get someone to join us or “sign up” in our business, we use cliche’s like “You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself” and often things are promised or statements are made that are virtually impossible to live up to, because as business owners we have the same responsibilities to building our own teams as our Sponsees will have to build theirs, but that picture is not always painted accurately. In some instances people are recruited into businesses for no other reason than personal greed and as a pathway to the almighty greenback. Shame on us, but it does happen.

Now let me share some good news. Because of the way things are unfolding and more and more people telling the truth about how they are building their businesses, let’s talk a little about attraction marketing and what it’s doing for the industry. I think it’s a good thing, no make that a great thing, because it is attracting like minded people and it’s working much better than a lot of people ever expected it to. This fact alone I believe is what’s creating a maturing in leadership who are now really understanding the significant differences between recruiting for a transactional purpose vs truly sponsoring someone into a business and setting expectations and taking on the responsibility of properly training them. So if you have been recruited into the business that you are working in at this moment, keep reaching upline until you find that Mature partner who can sponsor you. It might take a bit of work on your part but will well be worth it.
So now that we know that you want to build your business using online strategies let’s get you plugged into the system that will help you attract those like minded people so you can sponsor them into your primary business and help change some lives.

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