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I’ve been talking to people this week about what I do. Some people won’t even talk to me because they don’t understand what network marketing is. They think it’s a scary scam. And then I get this question often,

“Why should I buy it from you when I can get something similar at the store?” and that is a great question!

First let me ask a skeptic this, “If a friend were opening a restaurant, would you be excited to try it out?” and the answer is usually a resounding YES. We are excited when friends embark on a new business endeavor and want to help out. Except when it’s network marketing – then somehow our support of friends jumps out the window. It’s a huge misunderstanding and completely unfortunate really.

But why should you buy your products from me? Or a friend? Or your mom? Or sister? Why not just get your calcium tablet from pharmacy store? Or your beauty cream from the street? Or your makeup from Shoprite?

The answer to this is two fold:

The benefits to YOU: By purchasing a product from a network marketer, whether as a client or signing on to reap the discount rewards, you are buying yourself a better product hands down. This would-be advertising dollars that would have been spent on traditional advertising are instead spent on product development. Usually, the product goes straight from the manufacturer via mail to your doorstep and is most often a fresh product that hasn’t been sitting on store shelves for months (or years if you count warehouse storage!). If you have signed on as a client or a rep and are receiving a discounted price on the product, chances are you are paying roughly the same for the superior product than you would have at a traditional store.

The benefits to your FRIEND/NEIGHBOR: The person who shared this product with you will receive a commission based on that recommendation. Isn’t that nice? Instead of spending the $30 at a retail store and helping nobody you know, you’ve now spent that same money and are helping someone’s business that you do know. And even better, if you also help spread the word about a product you love, YOU will also now receive a commission (if you’ve signed up as a consultant/representative or whatever title the company may have)

With this cycle do you understand the power that this holds? How if we just shift our spending to a different system (it’s still the same spending amount) we can help to change where our money goes? I hope for any skeptics or anyone on the fence about network marketing this clears it up just a tad about what the benefits are and how it will change the world.

Am a life and health coach, and i work with trevo a product that has 174 ingredients, its the first of it kind. For more details dapseen@gmail.com

Author: dapseentrevo

Build Your Very Own Web Content The Straightforward Way – Get The Appropriate Components To Prepare Dinner Up A Storm!

Talk to your likely web hosting corporation whenever they have a person. Be sure which you examine the “read me” doc right after downloading, in the event you will find a license which you should really find out about. You desire an organization that manages their own individual details centers.

You have manufactured the decision to place your online business on the web and to perform that you choose to need to have an internet site. While you analysis approaches to make this happen you recognize there are lots of ways to receive a website. These is often either free of charge from a absolutely free internet hosting company, a get it done by yourself on compensated for hosting, or employing an online designer to get it done in your case.

Provide free reviews to the audience. Anytime it’s achievable set them on the pretty best side of your respective webpage and so they simply cannot mis it. Check out to make autoresponder messages that should be mailed to people who enter their own info into your sign up box. As outlined by study, a sale is closed normally around the 7th contact using a prospect.

Building your website with a free platform isn’t the strategy to go. Keep in mind this is your online business, your popularity. In this article are eight explanations not to make your enterprise internet site using a no cost platform.

Blue Web hosting, proven in 2002, provides limitless place, emails and bandwidth at a very low cost tag of $3.95 for each month in addition to a number of other options.

You will need to figure out how much it expenses to build your private home based mostly internet small business in contrast into a brick and mortar business enterprise. Which has a brick and mortar standard style of organization, it’s important to put money into real estate, inventory, and you also even have to rent a employees and pay back their salaries. Any time you have a very do the job from home World-wide-web based mostly business enterprise, there is absolutely no higher cost incurred along with the set up. When functioning from home over the Web, you need a Laptop or a laptop, locate the suitable prospect, buy a website title, pick out an online web hosting firm, and that is basically it. All of this can be done with tiny capitol. The one point which may set you back a little bit could be the opportunity that you simply determine on and at what degree you receive in at.

Pick out an online host that guarantees your protection. Your web site really should be protected from hackers efficiently, in particular in the event you have an e-commerce web-site. Some products and services even provide you the chance to keep your own personal data files on their own servers. This might be considered a excellent method to preserve a secure backup of your customers’ information.

It provides a provision at no cost Clickbank Look for Box in which the site owners might have it in their site or blog site. When people order anything at all from web pages during the search results, you can receive commission.

When you finally find the proper and affordable domain title that you’re delighted with, you could sign up the domain basically. The actions that you need to just take are fairly uncomplicated. You simply need to vital in some personal facts and that’s it. Also, you should definitely check out with a number of special registrars as a way to obtain a competitive price tag for your personal domain title. Some registrar may be furnishing much less expensive costs. Using this type of,penny stock trading you’ll be able to save many of your expense. Once you have lists your domain name, all is remaining for you to complete is to make your website and market it effectively within the world wide web.

There are some but their ‘action’ predicted is possibly to obtain internet hosting or to enroll and submit at discussion boards. The outcome will amaze you with how fast the thing is site targeted traffic arrive. It is actually all the more amazing that a lot of individuals spend these selling prices.

from Rafael Ferreras Castillo Blog http://ift.tt/1CjHClA


4 Things That Changed When I Started Network Marketing

When I started as an Independent Distributor for Young Living I didn’t even realize I was working in network marketing. Giggle all you want, I was clueless! I just loved my essential oils, saw an incredible opportunity, and thought it was cool that sharing my love and knowledge of oils brought extra income in. When I first discovered that Young Living was network marketing I squirmed. Ew. I became like “one of those Mary Kay reps.” I hated the sound of it – but I loved what I did! How could it be that network marketing was one of the funnest, most rewarding jobs I ever had? At almost a year in, I realize that this job has taught me a lot, and changed the way I interact with people for the better. Here are four things that changed when I started network marketing. 

1. I stopped dismissing every product I saw advertised

Prior to working in network marketing I thought that anyone trying to advertise a product was just a sleezy salesy person. I especially hated when friends did it, and dismissed all of their products as bogus and/or a rip off price wise. This perspective changed the day my sinus infections went away, I stopped getting sick, and I stopped having to take ibuprofen every few hours. Seeing something that I had never heard about growing up, change my life and health so fast and dramatically, really humbled me. It showed me that it isn’t always true that “Well, if it really works I would’ve heard about it by now.” I thought essential oils were just weird smells hippies used that had something to do with an aura. Come to find now, the government’s national research library has found therapeutic grade essential oils to do amazing things! Check out my notes at the bottom here for (1) (2) and (3). 

So now when someone brings up a new product, or truly believes that what they are distributing can change my life, I LISTEN. I listen, and I research. I no longer just pass it off as some rip off that likely won’t work. I did that before, and I was humbled. Because of this humility I was able to learn the numerous benefits of Shakeology, for example, and I love it! My mother distributes for them, and their chocolate shake is awesome. I don’t sell it, and I never will, but it is great to be able to hear people out without a prejudice against them in advance. 

2. I stopped taking free samples

I honestly used to take samples from vendors, or distributors for different companies, with absolutely no intention of ever contacting them, or buying a product. Now I realize how mean that really is – and in a way, it is like stealing. It never occurred to me before I began buying my own samples to give out, that I was costing these small business owners and distributors PERSONAL money, and giving them a false hope of a future customer. It really hurts my feelings when someone takes 1, 2, 3 samples, and never gets back to me. It feels a little bit like being stolen from. God is always teaching me things, and it is sad that it took it happening to me to realize that I was being dishonest with my neighbor in this way. 

3. I started being upfront with friends who were network marketers

Nothing is worse than having someone who is interested in purchasing through you, sending them a sample, or information, and then simply never hearing back from them. When I say never, I mean never, and it happens all the time. It hurts especially when they are friends of yours. After sending out several samples to people, being promised by them “they would order soon” and then never hearing back from them or never ordering, I learned not to do that to someone else.

One example of this, is I had a woman who could not afford a whole kit of essential oils, but she was saving up. She had some pretty terrible symptoms that she wanted an aid for, and I felt for her. She needed relief, and was saving up to buy a kit with a sure promise “I will buy one soon.” In the meantime I sent her $30 worth of roll ons to help her with her symptoms – and it worked! It really helped – and I was glad to grant her relief – and am still glad that I did. I had continued to follow up with her, send her samples, and wait until she was ready for nearly six months. Around the time she said she would be ordering she messaged me and told me “Actually, I have another distributor I am buying from. Thanks anyway!” I actually cried. Again, when I say “This happens ALL THE TIME” I mean it happens all the time. I have countless stories from friends on my team, and it hurts every time it happens, no matter how long you’re in it. 

You only have to experience that once to make sure you NEVER do that to someone else. After that happened I started MAKING SURE I got back with all of my Mary Kay and Jamberry friends when they invited me to a party, or asked if I’d like a sample. I am upfront when I DON’T want a sample, or when I am not interested, or if I have a local distributor that I use. It is hard when people fall off the face of the earth and never get back to you, and I don’t want to be that person for someone else.

4. I started encouraging small business owners who I buy from

Getting messages from happy customers is like having flowers delivered to your doorstep. It just improves your whole day! Especially in my business where I really believe that these oils will change lives, and have changed mine, it’s like having someone else discover the same treasure I found! It absolutely charms me to see people fall in love with these powerful things as much as I have – and to have helped them to get there. It is extremely rewarding. 

Knowing now how that feels, I seek more opportunities to compliment, encourage, and share my joy with the small business owners I buy from. Whether an Etsy shop, independent distributor, or local bike shop owner, I know it really encourages them to hear that their work blesses me. 


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Eleştirilerimizde samimi miyiz?

Televizyon denilen aptal kutusunu açtığınızda bir şey dikkatinizi çekiyor mu hiç?
Hangi kanalı açarsanız açın, her kanalda mutlaka ama mutlaka birileri başka birilerini ahmakça eleştiriyor.

Yemekteyiz, Yetenek Sizsiniz, Bu Tarz Benim, Beyaz Futbol, O Ses Türkiye ve daha niceleri. Kimileri jüri oldukları alanda donanımlı, kimileri tamamen vasıfsız insanlar karşılarına çıkan insanları tamamen yıkıcı, hatta bazı programlarda insanlık dışı şekilde eleştirerek reyting peşinde koşuyorlar. Bütün bunları farkında olmayan izleyen 21.yüzyıl insanlarımız ise kendilerini aynı girdabın içinde buluyor ve ailesini, çocuklarını, arkadaşlarını, siyasetçileri, futbolcuları, sokaktaki simitçiyi kısacası herkesi amaçsızca eleştirmeye başlıyor.

Bu yazdıklarımın çoğumuz farkındayız belki ama asıl anlatmak istediğim konuya henüz gelmedim. Beni rahatsız eden konu, bu eleştirilerdeki saçma genellemeler ve artniyetler.

Bir matematikçi hata yaptığı zaman yanlış olan matematik değildir, matematikçidir.

Ünlü fizik profesörü Walter Lewin MIT’de verdiği derslerinde hep şunu söyler “Physics works!” yani fizik işe yarıyor. Ne olursa olsun fizik yanılmaz, yanılan kişilerdir.
Bunun aksini iddia eden yoktur sanırım.

Peki öte yandan, çevremizde yanlış yapan insanlara da aynı şekilde mi yaklaşıyoruz?
Bununla ilgili kendi çevremden örnekler vereceğim.

Network Marketing sektöründe yer alan çoğu kişinin karşılaştığı tepkilerden bir tanesi:
Daha önce sizinle aynı sektörde veya aynı şirkette çalışan birisinin yaptığı yanlışlar, kişiye değil şirketin veya sektörün tamamına mâl edilir.
Her yıl üzerine koyan ve 2014 yılı itibariyle 185 milyar dolarlık bir hacme sahip olan, dünyaca ünlü şirketlerin yer aldığı bir sektör bir kişiyle nasıl yalan olur? İşte burada yapılan eleştirileri samimi değil aksine artniyetli buluyorum.
Üzgünüm ama kim ne derse desin “Network Marketing works!” 🙂

Bir diğer artniyetli yaklaşım ise şüphesiz İslâm’a karşı.
Çoğu insan çevrelerindeki dindar diye adlandırdığı kimselerin, imamların veya dini otorite kabul ettiği başka kişilerin hakkında duyduğu ya da gördüğü bir olumsuzluk üzerine hemen İslâm’ı kötülemeye başlarlar. “Bak müslüman adamı görüyor musun neler yapıyor!” Güzel kardeşim hata yapan kişiler senden farkı olmayan insanlar. Yanlış olan şey davranışlar, insanlar; İslam değil!

“E imam adam yapıyor daha ne olsun?!”
İmam dediğimiz kişiler Allah tarafından gönderilen peygamberler değildir, devlet tarafından görevlendirilmiş 657’ye tabii memurdur.
Asıl ve dosdoğru olan İslâm’dır.

Kendini ve artniyetli görüşlerini aklamak maksadıyla İslâm’a çamur atmanın hiçbir faydası yok, çünkü güneş balçıkla sıvanmaz.

Sözün özü; okuyalım, araştıralım, düşünelim ve eleştirelim. Eleştirirken de mantık çerçevesinde, yapıcı ve samimi olalım.


Lawdy, lawdy…

Let’s jump into today’s topic.

Got a real good (and recent) example of how to NOT promote your business using social media.

Here’s the message I got earlier today on Facebook:

Hey Amanda,  If I could show you how to add an extra zero onto your current pay check, would you be interested?. It’s not IM, but with all the training we have had with Charles, if you are still in that field, you could do something with it. The team I am in is making some serious money.

Lawdy, lawdy.

I wanted to reach through the screen and just shake this lady…


I held back, took 3 deep breaths, and grabbed a paper bag and did some heavy breathing exercises. Ha.

It wasn’t that bad, but it’s a perfect example of ‘what not to do’.

Have you ever sent a message like that to your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or even email?

I bet your answers probably ‘yes’.

You know how I know?

Cause I did exactly the same thing when I first joined network marketing.

You know what kinda results I got?

Crickets. Nada. Nuthin’.


Put on the DNF (do not friend) list…

Look, promoting your business like that doesn’t work.

It won’t EVER.

And if that’s how you’re ‘trying’ to build it, STOP!

Not because I like telling you what to do.

But because I don’t want you making the same mistakes I did.

Learn from my struggles, challenges, and you’ll be able to:

– Jump into the fastlane for rank advancing in your business (HINT: Get to the top of your comp plan in months, not years, if ever)

– Skip out on all the stress, embarressment of recruiting your friends and acquantances the wrong way

– Actually start getting real, tangible rewards for your efforts in the form of commission checks and an exploding team.

How’s that sound?

Great, figured you’d like a better way.

Here it is:


Like the other tools I promote…

It’s not gonna break the bank.

It actually works to get you results.

I personally use the same process to effortlessly add new reps into my business EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Grab a copy now.


Chat later.

Amanda Wilkes


The Science to Getting MLM Signups with Xerveo. Get Home Based Business Leads.



Xerveo ad coop is going to get 7000 leads per day and we give them away for FREE to all Xerveo Reps.

Can You Say NO BRAINER..

Ask Yourself These Questions?

Warning It Might Make You THROW UP knowing Your In The WRONG DEAL.

Does your deal spend tens of thousands to get over 7000 leads a day for reps and gives the reps leads for NO COST?


Does your deal have a 7 figure earner who broke recruiting records in 8 companies doing 2 calls a day to close all your sales?


Does your deal offer a call center to close your leads?


Is your deal doing 3 full page ads in the hottest biz opp magazines and giving all the leads to their reps?


Does the company owner call and check on you and make sure your doing good?


Did your CEO take a 20 Year old MLM company from 250 Million to 850 Million?


Does your deal offer $100,000 in upfront rank bonuses?


Does your deal offer bonus pools that is a guaranteed check to lower ranks?


So if you can’t answer yes to any of these looks like Xerveo is killing your deal…

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Home Business Email Leads- What MLM Lead Companies Are Hiding.

http://blakewatson77.funnelizer.com/getmlspmastery Home Business Email leads and the truth about MLM lead companies.

The reality is that purchased home business email leads are junk! They promise “real time”purchased leads when they are real time crap.

Speaking from experience, home business email leads you pay for are worthless. The MLM lead companies WILL not tell you that their so called leads are actually paid to take surveys.

Meaning you will NEVER EVER talk to someone who is 100% interested in your opportunity.

The best home business email leads are the ones that you generate yourself. These are leads that actually want to join your MLM!

Check out the link below as I reveal in a free download how to get 28+ email leads per day!


FREE MLM Leads and Network Marketing Leads


http://LeadsToMonies.com | http://workingfromhomeparttime.com – Free MLM leads and network marketing leads for your business – Everyone wants more targeted MLM leads and network marketing leads. You can apply the same concept on other online and brick and mortar businesses as well. This is done on autopilot 24x7x365.

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Buy MLM Leads – Should You Buy MLM Leads Or Generate Your Own?

http://deanrblack.com/bootcamp – Buy MLM Leads – Should You Buy MLM Leads Or Generate Your Own?

0:32 Don’t Buy MLM Leads Blindly

1:30 Best Way To Buy MLM Leads

1:56 Buy MLM Leads That Are Specific

2:22 Buy MLM Leads FREE Training

Buy MLM Leads to Grow Your Business

Not all MLM leads are born equal. For example, do you know the majority of the network marketing leads available online are made up of what is referred to as a co-registration lead? And if you’re serious about building a profitable network marketing business – a co-registration leads is crucial worthless.

But a company particular lead can be worth it’s weight in gold. So here let’s chat about the assorted leads available and the right question you will want to ask before rushing out to buy MLM leads.

Don’t Buy MLM Leads Blindly

If you’re looking to buy MLM leads you’re most likely flawlessly mindful that without leads you do not have a business and that applies to brand-new network entrepreneurs and if you’ve been in this business for years.

So you basically have 2 decisions when you and everybody on your team runs out of warm market contacts : you can buy MLM leads or you can generate your own fresh leads. If you’ve got a choice, you will always find bigger success when you attract people to have a look at what you have to offer.

Most of the internet lead brokers give you the choice of purchasing “real time” business opportunity or operate at home prospect leads. Are these genuinely the kinds of leads you need? Most likely you’ll get absolutely nothing brief of a repackaged leads coming down from a significant broker.

They give the resources you have to acquire generic business opportunity leads by way of many advertising pipelines like tv, online advertisements and hundreds of net properties.

Getting organic in nature, the prospect responding to these kinds of advertisements will not be looking for network marketing opportunities. So when your getting leads from a broker, you have got to ask oneself: are you currently truly finding the right plce to buy MLM leads or some thing inferior?

The Greatest Means to Buy MLM Leads

Home business opportunity seeker prospects come from these various advertising sources and usually land on a lead squeeze pages.

They fill in their info which includes name, address, e-mail, phone, and up to 5 answers to these questions : reason for interest, interest level, hours per week to invest, money to invest, desired revenue, time zone and best time to call.

Sound great till you realize the ad does not mention the price tag to join and it doesn’t mention the undeniable fact you are promoting a network marketing opportunity. So now you have a bunch of not-even-remotely qualified leads you’ve got to comb and sort thru to get a real interested person.

It’s better to Buy MLM Leads that are particular to MLM and network marketing companies.

You happen to be most likely going to pay more to buy mlm leads like this, but consider this: you get what you payfor. Clearly you’d rather cut through of all the worthless business opportunity leads and get to the the handful of prospects who have shown genuine interest in joining a network marketing firm.

After all, how beneficial is your time? Now you’ll be able to save time by being able to buy mlm leads particular to your offer.

Buy MLM Leads As Necessary

Don’t go overboard and buy MLM leads you won’t be in a position to follow up with in 24-48 hours. People have short attention spans and it’s always best to strike when the iron is hot.

A fresh lead is a hot lead and it will always produce the most satisfactory results. The more time you let go by, the colder the lead becomes or, worse, they may have already joined another team. http://deanrblack.com/bootcamp